Le tee-shirt en jersey brut, "l'honnête" - 04

The “honest” raw jersey t-shirt - 04

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Since day one, we have wanted to inject an authentic eco-responsible dimension into the Hast locker room. By working with 100% natural or recycled materials and favoring Europe to make our clothes, we are committed to an approach that is as respectful and conscious as possible. Recognizing the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, we strive to limit our footprint by locally producing high-quality, sustainable pieces. In the same way, we cultivate a spirit of transparency regarding the traceability of our products, both to give you the means to make an informed purchase and to avoid any form of greenwashing.

With the raw jersey t-shirt , we reaffirm this ten-year desire by displaying our ambition for the years to come. Beyond the symbol, integrating a resolutely honest piece into our capsule collection is a strong message addressed to our community. For our 10th anniversary, it seemed important and appropriate to us to materialize our attachment to the principles that we have defended from the start, at the forefront of which is respect for humans and the environment .

At Hast, it is not simply products that we sell, but a certain idea of ​​clothing that we offer you: values ​​to endorse to build a unique style . The keen sense of responsibility , the quest for fair production, the concern for the value of clothing , the cult of know-how, all come together in this t-shirt which says a lot without really saying it.

Do you know everything about its making?

Do you find it too sober? Too shy ? Too discreet? Come a little closer and take a closer look. What jumps out at you, first of all, is obviously this pectoral pocket stamped with the seal of honesty . Clear, clear, assertive speaking. “Honest everyday” , or Hast’s stated motto which is both a principle and an ambition, an ethic and a goal, the means and the end. Embroidered not far from the heart, this sentence is less a signature than a declaration of intention. A “statement” as our English-speaking friends would say. An affirmed desire to proudly carry our common values, and to embody them.

And then there is this material. This thick raw organic cotton jersey (190 gr/m2) which has not undergone any dyeing treatment, hence this delicious ecru color. If it is beautiful in photos, our honest knitting is even more beautiful under the fingers. Palpable, the thickness of the cotton evokes quality as well as durability. A real mesh armor in a natural organic material which does not fail to highlight the flocked message on the chest.

The cut, for its part, is simple and effective: neither too long nor too short, combined with a well-proportioned collar and sleeves falling nicely to mid-biceps.

Authentic design, classic design, premium quality responsible material , careful manufacturing in Portugal: this t-shirt fully deserved its place in the exclusive selection that we are offering you on the sidelines of our tenth anniversary.

A men's wardrobe essential

If there is a color that can boast of being on good terms with the entire color palette, it is ecru . For its part, the t-shirt is by far the most useful (and most used) item in the men's wardrobe. As you can imagine, the combination of the two could only work. Under a checked shirt, a flannel overshirt, paired with a navy blazer or a dark green work jacket, worn as is over jeans or tucked into dress pants, you have absolutely no chance of going wrong.

Finally, we would have been quicker to list the pieces with which the raw jersey t-shirt does not go well rather than the opposite. And again, it is not certain that this list contains any item. So, you just have to trust yourself.

PS: legend has it that it will look even better on you if you wear it with the song “Honesty” by Billy Joël in your ears. Up to you !

How to maintain the raw jersey t-shirt?

Maintaining the raw jersey t-shirt is very easy: place it inside out in the machine and run a delicate program at 30°C with a spin of 600 rpm . Obviously, wash similar colors together to avoid a nasty surprise. As for drying, it would be best to lay it out flat to prevent the jersey from becoming deformed over time. In any case, the tumble dryer should be strictly avoided. Once dry, you can iron your t-shirt if you feel like it: choose a medium iron between 120 and 150°C.

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