Les soldes, c'est bidon !

Sales are bogus!

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Rather than talking about 30 or 40% reduction, we prefer to talk to you about 30 or 40 degrees, to properly maintain your clothes.

Sales, as a commercial practice consisting of selling with a reduction of unsold items, we are not against and we respect this approach. Sales, as a marketing practice aimed at manipulating and giving the illusion of getting a good deal to consumers, is not our thing.

We have chosen to create timeless clothing, offered at fair and fixed prices, with a reduced margin. The possibility of making promotions is therefore very limited or almost nil.

Paradoxically, despite our positioning, this period remains one of the most attractive. Many of you come to our site or in store. Consumption habits are not easy to change. So, rather than offering discounts, we took advantage of this period to support committed projects and reward you!

After Horace and Respire, this time we have formed a partnership with a brand of natural, ecological and effective detergents: Les Petits Bidons! The objective? Take care of your clothes and the planet.

How to benefit from it? It's simple, from January 8 to February 4, from 100€ of purchase online or in store, a Les Petits Bidons laundry detergent is free*! See the video

Why is this good news? Because not only will you save money, but you will also protect the planet.

The first reason is quite simple to understand. The longer you wear an item of clothing, the more you will make it financially profitable. Choose it carefully, maintain it well, do not wash it too often (good ventilation between 2 wears is sometimes more than enough), use a detergent that does not attack the fibers, allowing you to keep your clothing in good condition for longer. From a more altruistic point of view, keeping a piece of clothing for several years can considerably reduce its CO2 impact: by doing this, you are acting both on your wallet and on the environment. So many reasons to pay attention to how you wash your beautiful pieces.

To the widely used “consume less but better”, we could add “wash less but better”

The other advantage of using an ecological detergent that is respectful of your clothes is to minimize water pollution. Indeed, one of the biggest environmental impacts of fashion is not linked to raw materials, manufacturing or transport, but rather to washing clothes.

Whether it is because of the water and energy used, or the water and soil pollution it causes, doing traditional laundry is not the most ecological act possible. And for good reason: in most detergents currently on the market, you will find substances from the petrochemical industry, such as EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid), sodium perborate or optical brighteners, which release different heavy metals, toxic both for aquatic organisms and for humans.

With each wash, these substances are found directly in the oceans, some of which cannot be filtered during wastewater treatment. To the widely used “consume less but better”, we could add “wash less but better”?

Our new partnership with Les Petits Bidons views the sales from another angle: favor reasoned purchases and quality pieces, take a step back from promotions, love your clothes and make sure to keep them as long as possible, by taking some daily care!

Ready to try a new experience? From January 8 to February 4, from 100€ of purchase on www.hast.fr or in one of our stores , a Les Petits Bidons detergent will be offered to you*! See the video


* Offer valid only if €100 including tax is spent online or in store, cannot be combined with other discount vouchers. The container must be returned if partial or full refund requests are made, otherwise the price of the container will be deducted (€12.90) from the total to be refunded.