Le pantalon double plis, " le versatile " - 10

Double pleated pants, "the versatile" - 10

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Initially focused on shirts, Hast gradually broadened its horizons by integrating an increasing number of garments into its wardrobe . From year to year, work jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, suits, accessories and pants have expanded our collections with the same ambition of refinement, honesty, elegance and accessibility.
By working on our 10-year capsule collection , we unsurprisingly wanted to illustrate this story and show the current balance of our offer. To the five shirts, two jackets, t-shirt and tie, we added a piece of legs: these fantastic double pleated pants .

To go back to the origins of clips on pants , you have to go back a few thousand years and look at harem pants. Closer to us, it is possible to find these clips on the “gurkha” shorts of Nepalese (then British) soldiers in the 19th century. Regarding formal pants, many agree that it was the Danish tailor Lars Larsen who introduced them to Paris in the first quarter of the 20th century. A rich idea that lovers of classic elegance have revered for over a hundred years.

But actually, what is the point of these famous pliers? This one is twofold: First, it's practical . In fact, the sewn darts can expand, which provides maximum comfort on the thighs and upper legs. Practical for sitting without feeling compressed in your pants. Then, it is aesthetic . The dart (and even more so the double dart) brings verticality to the silhouette and helps to slim the leg while structuring it. A detail that “dresses” the hips and instantly injects a delicious sartorial dimension.

Everything you need to know about making it?

Unlike the upper body, the stylistic possibilities are meager at the legs. Layering and color schemes being less easy, it is on the cut of the pants that everything depends (or almost).
By working on ours, the only representative of its category in this capsule collection, we knew that we had to take care of this detail. From inspiration to final adjustments, including pattern making and prototypes, it was the quest for the ideal cut that drove us. The ideal cut , that is to say the most versatile and versatile possible. The ideal cut, that is to say the one which can accommodate all the other pieces of the 10 year capsule without shaking . The ideal cut, that is to say the one which will enhance both a dressy outfit and a casual look.

With all due respect, it seems to us that the objective has been achieved with this delicately retro and frankly timeless design. The double pliers, mentioned above, are not the only titles of nobility of this limited edition . Its side tightening tabs, allowing you to skip the belt loops, are another; as well as the long leg pleat and the offset-buttoned belt . The small flap pocket , subtly evoking the ticket pocket that you probably know on your jeans, also adds a touch of consistency to the top of the pants. Together, these touches of sophistication bring the pants into the formal fold ; a formalism immediately tempered by sensational material .

Worked in cotton (56%) and linen (44%) twill, its fairly heavy natural canvas hangs beautifully and without austerity. Linen , especially, brings rusticity and a wilder hand. Unlike wool, which would have consecrated the classicism of the pants, the fact of having worked them in this softer alloy gives them unique versatility.
The same goes for its color, delicately taupe beige , which exudes relaxation and lightness . A shade whose nuances provided by an exceptional material will make it a relevant ally for all seasons .

Like the Hast wardrobe and the pieces designed as part of this anniversary capsule, these double pleated pants synthesize the best of elegance and phlegm to deliver an extremely versatile hybrid model. If its construction is ostensibly inspired by the world of tailoring, its material and color moderate its sartorial impulses to make it a noble dressy chino. A model of excellence offered to you exclusively in limited edition.

A hybrid and extremely versatile model

You have surely understood, we have worked on these pants so that they fit perfectly from your most chic compositions to your most relaxed outfits. Better yet, we have ensured that it enhances both. Whether it's pieces from our collection or those waiting in your wardrobe, it will match each one without making anyone jealous. With a simple t-shirt, a casual shirt, a polo shirt, an elegant shirt worn tucked in, a fine sweater under a blazer: all the options are possible . Its unique color, luminous and matte, has the merit of blending with the vast majority of the chromatic palette. As for shoes, you can wear sneakers as well as moccasins, brogues or espadrilles. We warned you: nothing dresses it up.

How to maintain double pleated pants?

In its construction and composition, these double pleat pants are quite delicate. For this reason, we do not recommend using the machine and instead recommend that you take it to the dry cleaner as soon as you deem it necessary. Dry cleaning will do it a world of good and restore its youthful radiance.

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