Le manteau pour homme selon Hast

The men's coat according to Hast

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Is an autumn-winter collection just an autumn-winter collection without coats ? The answer is no, but there is no question of leaving our values ​​in the locker room to add this essential to ours.

With the principles that govern the creation of our clothing since 2012 , we have imagined two iconic references , complementary and carried by the same timeless aesthetic.

Both available in a pair of colors, you will see brought together the workhorses you are used to from Hast: noble natural materials , rich textures , precise cuts , deep dyes and high-end finishes .

Add to that top quality European manufacturing and a great sense of accuracy, with these warm coats you will find four ways to face winter in the best conditions.

The Balmacaan, a legend reinvented

First soldier in your war against the cold: our Balmacaan coat . Contrary to what you might believe, this is not a nickname that we gave him, but rather his official title. A reference to the eponymous Scottish forest, the Balmacaan is a wool coat which historically brings together three differentiating elements: an under-collar button (or “Prussian collar” for our English-speaking friends), a fairly enveloping straight cut and a raglan armhole.

For our part, we have obviously taken care of these distinctive signs, by combining a thick virgin wool sheet (400 gr/m2) , an imposing herringbone pattern and a well-insulating lining. Thus revisited, the Balmacaan according to Hast retains the charm and drape of its model, while asserting itself as a comfortable, chic and definitely unusual winter coat.

That's the magic of this overcoat: majestic and almost intimidating, it remains surprisingly simple to wear. Is it this supple, casual shoulder line that gives it this elegant nonchalance? The bevel of his pockets? His providential collar? This endearing retro pattern? We cannot say exactly, but it is obvious that something happens when a Balmacaan passes.

On a very formal suit , with jeans and a turtleneck , combined with chinos and a hoodie with the hood out, it will always find a way to dress up your outfit to take it elsewhere. Towards more textured horizons. More shimmering landscapes. More august places.

Made in Europe from certified mulesing free wool , this coat quietly combines remarkable performance, a unique design and careful finishes, which should help you face the mercury in style.

Thanks to the model without intermediaries favored by Hast, we can offer you this marvel at a very reasonable price , which makes us all the more proud to present it to you this winter. The most difficult thing now will be choosing between green and gray.

The inevitable tailored collar coat

Second string to your bow to avoid chills: the unmistakable tailored collar. For the record, it is the one with which we first set foot in the world of long coats for men at Hast. Emotion sequence. Traditional overcoat par excellence, it is to heavy pieces what the suit jacket is to lighter pieces, that is to say a paragon of elegance and sophistication.

Dressier than a Balmacaan, a duffle coat or a pea coat, we have integrated it into this fall-winter 2024 collection to offer it a formal-inspired outdoor garment. Also made from a dense and compact woolen cloth, although a little lighter (350 gr/m2), this one impresses less with its volume than with the rigor of its silhouette. With its dry and sure lines, we almost find Bernard Buffet in the design of the shoulders, the nervousness of the button placket, the structure of the pockets and the mineral beauty of the notched lapels.

At the height of delicacy, our tailored collar wool coat is aimed at the dandies of our century, lovers of good taste and lovers of classic refinement. Rather intended to accompany suits , which will appeal to those nostalgic for formal dress codes , it will not shy away from more casual outfits, elevating certain casual looks to distinguished skies with its outline.

To promote this versatility, we have made a few modifications compared to the previous version: in addition to the addition of a third button to reduce the depth of the throat, we have softened the shoulder and perfected a very straight cut. versatile. No changes otherwise, you will find the high-end finishes you are used to, including a beautiful mid-back slit, horn-effect “kissing buttons” at the bottom of the sleeve, well-insulated lining and counters -buttons for maximum durability.

An essential reference for timeless elegance , the long coat with tailored collar is a sacred monster of the sartorial emanation wardrobe. Modernized by us, it fits on our racks in a resolutely classic universe, which does not prevent it from living with the times. Suits, denims , chinos , cardigans and polo neck sweaters : it will be in all the right places this winter, as long as you make it your partner.

As with the Balmacaan, this set is made from certified mulesing-free wool and entirely made in Europe. A guarantee of quality, of course, but also and above all of great social and environmental responsibility. Regarding the price, you will discover it even softer than its counterpart, which will perhaps encourage you to adopt it in the two sublime colors that we have prepared for you.

A word about maintenance

Balmacaan or tailored collar , we strongly recommend that you take your coat to the dry cleaner at the end of each winter to maximize its life expectancy. Once this is done, all you have to do is store it in a protective cover until the cold weather returns, and you will thus ensure proper pampering. It will cost around twenty euros each time, but dry cleaning is really the best way to keep it for several decades.

Choose your armor

Two models, four colors and as many ways to tackle the cold weather without sacrificing your look: that's what we're offering you this season from Hast. Efficient, functional, responsible and versatile , our coats have been designed to equip you without trembling, from the first cold snaps to the last frosts.

Available in store and on our website, we let you discover them, as well as our winter accessories such as our gloves , scarves and hats .

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