Le lin, fine fleur des fibres éco-responsables

Linen, the flower of eco-responsible fibers

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In addition to its 3,240 wines and 400 cheeses, there is another French pride that the whole world envies: linen .

An annual plant approximately one meter high, flax is a herbaceous species which generally appears in the form of a stem on which small spiral leaves are distributed. At the time of flowering, around two weeks a year around mid-June, small bluish flowers bloom on their tops. Mainly cultivated in Normandy, Picardy, Brittany and Nord-Pas-de-Calais, this natural plant material places France at the forefront of its producers on a global scale . Accounting for almost 80% of the total flax culture , our country is both the leading manufacturer and the leading exporter. Capitalizing on a privileged climate - the plant appreciates temperate humid zones - and ancestral know-how, France has thus established itself as the main supplier of the most eco-responsible textile fibers.

This is the great advantage of linen: it is undoubtedly one of the most ecological materials available . Not only does its cultivation require little water and chemical inputs, but the successive processing stages also consume little energy. Finally, the flax plant does not require any irrigation, any more than retting, scutching, spinning, weaving and making require a heavy energy investment. In addition, it is a plant where 100% of the components can be recycled, from fibers to shives, seeds and dust. Regardless of its use in making fabrics, the flax plant makes it possible to make oils, mulch, fuels and even paper pulp. Zero waste , therefore.

The virtues of linen fibers.

Beyond its ecological interest, linen fiber has intrinsic virtues which explain the interest shown in it by the textile industry:

  • It is thermoregulatory and insulating : often recognized as the queen material of summer , linen is indeed breathable and very popular in the summer months. However, its thermoregulatory properties also make it a great ally in winter, thanks to its great heat conservation capacity. Its fibers are hollow and therefore provide optimal thermal insulation.

  • It is hypoallergenic : intolerant skin types are aware, linen is unparalleled in its delicacy with sensitive skin. If you are prone to tingling, itching, redness and other manifestations of hyper-reactivity, linen is ideal for you.

  • It is (incredibly) absorbent : if linen fiber requires little water, it is partly thanks to its exceptional absorption capacity. Not only can it absorb up to 20% moisture without looking clogged, but it also dries lightning fast. In summer, linen is unsurprisingly the public enemy number one of halos, and a great accomplice for spending the season dry.

  • It is “self-cleaning” : thanks to the architecture of its fibers, linen prevents mites and bacteria from clinging to it. The same goes for dust, allowing it to stay clean and healthy for longer.

  • It is extremely resistant : with a dry and rustic appearance, linen is also distinguished by its capital strength . It resists heat and freshness, does not pill, does not relax under the influence of humidity, it is almost tear-proof , very easy to maintain and softens with time and successive washes. In short, we are talking about a material that borders on perfection. Between us, it is no coincidence that she ended up giving the word “linen” .

  • It creases a little, a lot, passionately : without starting a course in plant biology, let's just remember that heat and humidity tend to “loosen” the linen fibers which then freeze in a new position. On the surface of the fabric, this reaction is physically manifested by a wrinkled appearance. It is a fact. Is this sentence irrevocable? The answer is no, and we have played on several parameters to limit this natural phenomenon. On the one hand, we chose canvases with a density higher than average, that is to say heavier and by extension less creasable. On the other hand, we have relied on cotton-linen alloys on certain models, so that the elasticity and softness of the first compensate for the rigidity of the second . This should reassure the most wary among you. And if your linen clothing is a little rumpled, try not to get offended: this is also part of its charm, and our transalpine friends do not hesitate to promote this relaxed chic under the name “sprezzatura” .

Our declaration of love for linen.

Natural and ecological, local and biodegradable, strong and light, flexible and durable, linen is undoubtedly one of the most responsible materials in the textile world. Considering our ambition to build a men's wardrobe around an ethic of elegance, conscience and timelessness, no one here will be surprised to see this fiber occupying an increasing place within our collections. Particularly present in the creations of the spring-summer 2023 season , linen is finding its place in the sun at Hast and is available at the heart of our most iconic pieces:

  • Our linen pants : any wise man knows that pants are not the same when the mercury rises. From then on, raw jeans and other thick five-pockets became persona non grata, and that's precisely when our linen pants came into play. Sophisticated leg pieces , cut from a light and airy material , this is their promise to maintain a chic look even in the heat of summer. In pure linen or combined with cotton, our creations offer a wide range of possibilities with more or less formal pieces. If the models with pleats and pleats ostensibly play on sartorial codes to pave the way for elegant looks, cotton-linen chinos combine the softness of the first and the breathability of the second to deliver versatile and relaxed variations. Between the distinction of white linen pants and the precious versatility of their colorful counterparts, it's up to you to decide (or not).

  • Our linen shirts : long sleeves or not; buttoned, officer, Cuban or cutaway collar; dark, bright or mottled colors; with or without chest pockets; we have imagined a range of truly stunning linen shirts for you. Sometimes combined with other fibers to merge the properties, this material brings to the formalism inherent in any shirt a note of lightness almost bordering on indolence. Organic cotton and linen , linen and ramie , 100% pure linen , so many variations for so many occasions, to adjust the relaxation slider as you wish. From the classic ecru model to the striped shirt and the “Riviera” -inspired popovers, there is no doubt that you will find the one(s) you won't be able to live without.

  • Our linen jackets : contrary to (a little too) widespread belief, it is entirely possible to wear a jacket all year round, including in June and July. To convince you, our linen jackets for men are dressed in their finest fabrics to promise you absolute lightness. Two, three or six buttons, signet collar or with a notched lapel, with patch or piped pockets, here too you can choose the one that suits you best to spend the summer season at the height of sophistication. All without fear of sweating .

  • Our linen t-shirts : for the reasons mentioned above, integrating linen threads into a fabric means ensuring it is robust, flexible and breathable . For these same reasons, we have chosen to enhance our wardrobe with a superb range of linen and cotton t-shirts for men. 235 gr/m2 , a reliable and airy jersey, a chromatic palette modeled on the tones of summer: here you have the ideal knitwear, to wear alone or accompanied.

Your linen number asset.

Although it only represents 2% of global production of textile fibers, far - very far - behind cotton, linen remains this ancestral natural material with unchanged benefits for millennia. Virtuous from its cultivation to its use, this fully recoverable plant constitutes a marvel of an eco-responsible alternative to the dominant raw materials in the textile industry. Unsurprisingly, Hast rolls out the red carpet for this valiant plant species and gives it an increasing place in his wardrobe. While 31% of our clothes contained linen last year, half of our creations include linen in our spring-summer 2023 collection . An opportunity for you to (re)discover the 1,001 powers of this prodigious fiber, affectionate with the planet, your skin and your style.