L’art de passer la belle saison en pantalon

The art of spending the summer in pants

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So, putting on pants in summer would be risky? At Hast, we don't believe it, and we intend to prove it. Register, cut, material, fabric, we will see in this article the different parameters to consider when putting on a leg piece without fear of overheating. If it is necessary to take precautions to avoid hyperthermia, it is just as necessary to discard preconceived ideas and wear pants again in the heart of the summer . What do you think ?.

Formal pants in summer? A formality.

First things first: formal pants .

As everyone knows, the summer period is also that of ceremonies (pacts, weddings, baptisms and other garden parties), and etiquette requires from their guests a refinement commensurate with the event . If the temperature prohibits a thick wool suit, fortunately it does not prohibit the wearing of pants worthy of the name. Regardless of the stereotypes conveying the idea of ​​a room allergic to mercury flare-ups, here are the ones we suggest to prepare you lightly.

  • Double-pleated pants : in the kingdom of dress pants , these are undoubtedly kings. With their fold along the leg and their double darts at the waist, they are by far the most “ sartorial ” oriented. In its beige , green or heather blue version, it will allow you to put together very sophisticated formal outfits , or to consider more casual chic assortments.

  • Pleated pants : a false twin of its predecessor, this very elegant leg piece only has one dart on either side of the crotch. Less ornamented, the summit remains no less refined and displays a precise and secure structure. This is all the more true as the dart joins the pleat of the pants on the leg, which gives the general line of the piece impeccable clarity . To offer you a range suitable for your summer events, we have worked this model in a nice variety of colors, from the traditional beige , blue and ecru to the more daring khaki .

Furthermore, you will not be surprised to learn that we have used top quality natural fibers to make our formal pants. Linen, cotton, hemp and mixes of materials will help you vary the pleasures to add grain to your outfits. In the same way, the selected weaving techniques will allow you to create more or less textured sets as you wish. From the regularity of cotton-hemp canvas to the rough edges of seersucker , you will truly be spoiled for choice.

A relaxed summer with our casual pants.

In a more relaxed register , you will also find something to give you beautiful legs with our spring-summer 2023 collection . Essential in the men's wardrobe, we have indeed reserved a special place for the most versatile pants: jeans and chinos . Versatile like few others, they go wonderfully with formal pieces as well as with their informal counterparts, which makes them absolutely essential.

On the one hand, denim lovers will be served with three flagship models:

  • Faded jeans : thought of as the ideal pants , they are made from a rather light Italian fabric (12 oz) and washed until they obtain this characteristic blue, both clean and deep. Inspired by the 70's , its subtly fitted cut makes it a relevant partner in all circumstances. A sure value that goes with everything.

  • The ecru five-pocket : can we make it more summery? The answer is no (although it is not prohibited to wear it after September 23). Made in organic cotton by the indescribable Italian house Candiani , these light jeans are to summer what the wedding cake is to the wedding at which it will accompany you. By combining an iconic design and a color that nothing and no one can fault, it seemed logical to obtain such a result: that of omnipotent pants that you can only love.

  • Selvedge twill : a contraction of “self finished edge”, selvedge is a denim manufacturing process that uses only one weft thread. This method, recognizable by its clean end often marked with a colored border, has the advantage of offering a more solid fabric . The other side of the coin: it requires weaving looms and increasingly rare know-how . Made in Portugal with GOTS certified organic cotton , the selvedge denim of our jeans weighs 15 oz, and has a look you won't find on every street corner.

On the other hand, chino enthusiasts can count on:

  • Summer cotton-linen models : 76% cotton, 24% linen, an airy fabric of 185 g/m2, this is the recipe for the lightest of our chinos. By combining the versatility of this iconic piece and the thermoregulatory capabilities of such an alloy, it stands out as the conductor of your summer creations. In light khaki , beige or indigo , don't hesitate to combine it with your favorite pieces to reveal its full potential.

A word about our shorts?

We wanted to stick to pants , but we can't resist the temptation to quickly tell you about our shorts . This year, in addition to our classic shorts, you will find some truly exceptional pieces. Not only have we declined our traditional models in a cotton-linen version, to offer you a more breathable and textured alternative, but we have also imagined a dressy range with sartorial influences. In khaki , indigo or natural ecru , we invite you to discover our pleated shorts and their sophisticated finishes , proof if any were needed that this piece is not confused with elegance.

The beautiful season is yours in pants.

With summer just a few days away, it seemed important to us to remember that pants were not condemned to hibernation throughout the summer. By playing with cuts, materials and fabrics, you can completely dress your legs without fear of fever, regardless of your style. Whether you are planning a casual look or a formal outfit (for a wedding, for example), there is sure to be the pants you need on the shelves of our summer collection.

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