La panoplie estivale idéale

The ideal summer outfit

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Summer is finally here and it's time to pack your suitcase for vacation. Put on sunglasses, chic espadrilles, a shirt or shorts and put together your ideal outfit.

The new season awakens the senses and reveals desires for pop and tangy colors, airy cuts, fluid materials for sea or sunbathing. If you are leaving, Hast reveals its (non-exhaustive) list of items to absolutely put in your luggage. Follow our checklist and fly away with peace of mind.

The daytime range...

The swimsuit

Obviously, a jersey. Whether you prefer to relax by the pool or enjoy water sports at sea, swimming shorts are an undeniable essential to slip into your suitcase. Symbols of the seaside spirit, fresh and bright colors adorn summer pieces. At Hast, we have created a striped swimsuit that is both comfortable and refined, available in 4 new colors this season. Perfectly in the summer tone.


When temperatures rise, shorts are the item to wear for a very comfortable everyday look. Our cotton gabardine style is lightweight, with a flattering straight cut and large back pockets - for practicality. Are you having trouble combining it? Don't panic: put on a beautiful linen shirt or a t-shirt in sunny shades - yellow or pale green.

A T-shirt

We continue with the classics by advising you to take a bunch of t-shirts in your suitcase. If you want to stay cool all day long, choose quality pieces in a natural fabric. To make our ideal model, we chose to mix linen with cotton. Linen has the advantage of being a light, breathable and thermo-regulating material, releasing air in the event of heat and trapping it in the opposite case. Add to that a beautiful round neck, a straight cut following the curves of the silhouette and a vibrant color - like this duck blue.

A pair of sunglasses

Like evenings outdoors, the smell of sunscreen, there are accessories without which sunny days would not have the same flavor. Sunglasses are one of them. For our sunglasses , we have chosen 100% Made In France, an Italian acetate frame and high protection category 3 lenses. Style wise? We offer you black, brown or scale models: chic and extremely effective in case of prolonged exposure (which is what we wish for you, naturally). To find out all our tips for choosing the right glasses, follow our guide.

A short-sleeved shirt

The short-sleeved shirt is a light, stylish piece and represents an original alternative to the more conventional t-shirt. Leave your preconceptions aside and add the “shirt” to your summer outfit. This season, we decided to play the short-sleeved shirt in a modern and essential version: Cuban collar, patch chest pockets and stripes, in seeruscker, for its embossed, embossed appearance.

The evening array…

A linen shirt

After a day spent under the sun, when the light begins to fade, it's time to put on slightly more covering clothes, always at the forefront of elegance. When packing your suitcase, we advise you to bring a linen shirt . During the day, it is worn over swimming shorts. In the evening, it is ideal for a chic outfit, in an effortless spirit. Timeless, it's one of our favorite summer pieces.

A dress shirt

For a dinner, an aperitif with friends, a stroll in the old town: it is entirely possible to wear a dress shirt, even on vacation. However, to avoid an overly formal look, choose a model with a relaxed cut and dare to use patterns or colors that are subtly sharper than usual. Needless to say, it does not button at the collar and is worn tucked into the pants.

Light pants

As you will have understood, the choice of material is crucial in summer. At Hast, we look for materials that combine durability, relief and hold. If you want an elegant style for going out, opt for lightweight pants. In seeruscker, our pleated pants stand out for their worked appearance. With a semi-elasticated waistband, it also promises you great freedom of movement, while remaining comfortable.

A sweatshirt

Even during the hottest time of the year, you may feel a little cold in the evening. Don't forget to choose a sweater - light - but which will prove very useful if it's cold. Here again, there is no question of turning to overly dressy pieces, but prefer a casual sweater, like a cotton sweatshirt . To wear over a t-shirt, a shirt or casually on your shoulders, our organic cotton and hemp sweatshirt stands out for the quality of its material. In mottled blue or ecru, for a confident casual look.

Trendy summer accessories, you can also take with you a pair of espadrilles, and a bucket hat (in case you haven't noticed yet: it's making a comeback this summer).

The final touch to a successful suitcase is to include some fun items: a good novel, your crossword book and a pair of headphones. Like a hymn to relaxation, let your mind escape, and your body relax. 3,2,1… It’s the holidays!

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