La collection 10 ans racontée par Sébastien, styliste chez Hast.

The 10th anniversary collection told by Sébastien, stylist at Hast.

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Sébastien, what is the general idea behind this capsule collection?

“To summarize 10 years of Hast , the story had to start with formal shirts , continue with casual shirts and then open up to the rest of the wardrobe with work jackets , pants , sweaters , t-shirts , accessory etc. Ultimately, this locker room corresponds to everyone's; and the challenge for me was to consolidate and accentuate this balance in Hast's proposal. That's typically what we tried to do in the 10-year capsule, and that's really how I approached it. I wondered what were the ten fundamental pieces with which it was possible to have fun, freely combinable while having something coherent that corresponds to the daily lives of as many people as possible. The idea was really to be as fair as possible in terms of adaptability and versatility , without falling into extravagance. It may seem simple but it is a process that requires extreme rigor. »

“The story begins with shirts,” as you say, and we notice that they are largely represented in this collection. For what ?

“Of the ten pieces in the collection , five are actually shirts . For what ? Quite simply because it is the beating heart of the brand . In addition, it is a garment with which you can go very chic as well as very casual . The shirt allows that: a material , a cut , a collar that swings to one side or the other, which is extremely interesting. Typically, the denim model and the merino wool model have almost nothing in common apart from the essential: they are shirts! »

As a stylist, what appealed to you the most when imagining this anniversary capsule?

“The unique possibility, enabled by Hast’s economic model, of making accessible materials that are usually not available in ready-to-wear fashion. By punctually arranging our classic recipe (no intermediaries and a fair margin) with exceptional ingredients , we have the privilege of offering for the occasion luxurious materials usually reserved for large Houses. This is an extraordinary opportunity, both for a stylist and for the brand's clients. »

Without revealing your secrets to us, can you tell us what is the common thread of this collection?

The 50’s and 60’s inspirations are very present , but there is not the slightest ambition of “replication” or “revival”. I love this aesthetic from another time and it is obvious that it infuses the entire collection, but we should not see in it either nostalgia or the past. On the contrary, I rather perceive these influences as the link between tradition and modernity . Basically, it's really a false 50-60; a 50-60 treated to be timeless and bring the little touch of refinement that makes the capsule charming. It is also this free interpretation which amalgamates casual and formal trends: to make the split between a work jacket and a refined shirt, it required connecting elements that the retro aesthetic of the mid-20th century readily brings. Finally, these characteristic elements of a formalism in the process of emancipation make it possible to bridge the gap between elegance and relaxation and to structure the collection so that the pieces respond harmoniously to each other. This coherence, in my opinion, is found in the silhouettes which blend easily with each other despite the differences in register. »

Could you give us an example?

“Once again, it’s about making details or volumes accessible that are no longer necessarily present on the market. Subtleties that one would rather find second hand or on the side of expensive “niche” brands. The popover collar of the merino shirt , the reissued denim of the western shirt , the lapel of the double-breasted jacket or the button-down of the 1960 Oxford are perfect examples: we have taken them out of the past to put them at the service of 'a contemporary elegance , and not just for the love of sartorial archeology. They all exude the same retro delicacy which sets the tempo of this collection. Who offers him his paw. His signature. »

The pieces in the collection are only available in one color each. How did you determine the color palette of the capsule to find the right balance?

“Simply by placing small pieces of material next to each other and then adjusting to find harmony . In this case, working with exceptional natural materials offers sublimated colors , which makes work easier. I'm thinking in particular of the merino whose green is really unique , the oxford whose blue stripe is particularly bright, the very authentic western denim or the almost "taupé" beige of the pants. The nobility of the material and the dyeing used combine with the work of association that your servant has tried to do well. That said, I also stuck to a principle of reality without venturing towards things that were too extravagant. I wanted to remain true and realistic in relation to the overall desires of men. »

Speaking of color, is the red of the painter's jacket a nod to that of the brand?

“It could have…but not really!” Honestly, we wanted a different denim and luckily this is the nicest one we found in deadstock at Nona Source. We were looking for structure and lightness , and this one suited it perfectly. It happens to be red, so much the better! »

In the middle of this capsule collection in the form of a tribute to clothing, the introduction of a tie is a strong choice. Can you tell us about it?

" It's true. It's a bit of an extravaganza touch to the collection with its accessory character and strong colors - once again enhanced by a very luxurious silk . However, it has the potential to pair with (almost) all the other pieces in the capsule, which makes it a great companion for enhancing an outfit and adding a touch of personality . »

It was impossible not to ask yourself this question: what is your favorite piece?

“The most personal is undoubtedly the double-breasted jacket because I concentrated a lot of inspirations in a single piece . Historical inspirations, first, with this lapel inherited from a suit of Prince Philip (at the time); but also personal inspirations like the interior strap that I borrowed from a Japanese bespoke jacket from my own collection. Ultimately, I put a lot of heart and influences into a well-known and recognized piece with which it is relatively difficult to innovate. Without distorting it, since it remains a navy cross , I wanted to inject an extra bit of soul into it which makes it - to my taste - very pleasant and atypical . »

Is she the one you are most proud of?

" Yes. Oops. No. I don't know. In any case, it is the one that synthesizes the most things. (Laughs) »

This exceptional anniversary capsule was your first collection as a stylist at Hast. Should we get used to seeing some of these models in the future?

“It goes without saying that we will not be able to work regularly with the luxurious materials offered exceptionally on the sidelines of our 10 years, but it is not excluded to see certain cuts , certain collars or certain designs integrate our classic collections according to the welcome that customers will give them. The pants , for example, offer many possibilities in terms of colors and materials, which makes you want to go further than these 100 limited edition copies . By the way, the materials we usually use in our collections are already exceptional for this price range, word of an experienced stylist. »

We are going to offer this exceptional capsule collection to today's Hast men. For you, how are they different from those of the first hour?

“It’s obvious that the world of men’s clothing has evolved a lot in ten years. Since 2012 , blogs have flourished and promoted an increase in the level of knowledge about clothing. Man's relationship to clothing is therefore no longer the same. On the customer side, this development of knowledge translates into increasing demands , which does not displease Hast, whose ambition has always been to offer timeless, high-end and accessible clothing . In a decade, the situation has completely changed: our customers no longer turn to a single-product brand to source well-made shirts, but trust a clothing brand offering, through a complete, honest range and functional , the possibility of dressing in accordance with values ​​and a unique style . On the Hast side, the difference between 2012 and today is due to this little extra soul: we are not content with offering the best product at the best price, we aim to change everyday life with consistent and generous collections celebrating quality, know-how and accuracy . As a stylist, this is what I try to do as carefully as possible. »

If you had to describe this 10-year capsule collection in three words?

“The perfect versatile wardrobe. Well, “perfect” sounds a bit pompous since I was the one who worked on it (laughs). Let’s call it an iconic versatile wardrobe ! »

The final word ?

“Dress up however you want, and do it every day !” And above all, see you Friday March 10 at 10:00 a.m. on, to discover this sublime collection! "

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