La chemise japonaise en washi

The Japanese washi shirt

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The fabric for our shirt was made with paper. The same paper used by Japanese Buddhist monks so that their writings span the centuries. A material that is still little known and especially little used in the textile field. Make no mistake: this seemingly fragile paper has exceptional longevity. Once worked into thread, washi retains extreme strength and softens even more, providing great comfort to the fabric; its transformation results in a material that is both resistant, breathable and very pleasant to wear.

The origin of washi begins with the Nara era, in the 710s. Imported to Japan by Chinese Buddhists, this traditional paper is characterized by its supple texture and textured appearance. First composed of mulberry fibers, it can today come from other plants, notably hemp, as is the case for our washi.

The same paper used by Japanese Buddhist monks so that their writings span the centuries.

To create washi textile fibers, hemp pulp is first pressed and then transformed into very fine paper. The paper is then cut into thin strips and transformed into washi threads. As with any other thread, washi can then be combined with materials such as cotton, linen or silk.

Washi has the particularity of being extremely light and allowing air to pass through naturally, giving the final fabric an airy appearance, very pleasant in summer. Just like linen, our hemp washi retains its structure perfectly, wash after wash: its fibers have excellent hold and are difficult to “break”. Another advantage and not the least: washi has absorbent properties and dries extremely quickly!

Original material, unique finishes. A nod to Japanese refinement, this shirt has a sobriety and great versatility, with this touch that intrigues, as long as you look at it for a few moments: a refined Mandarin collar and a classic cut that's easy to wear, a shirt behind which hides a thousand-year-old heritage, just waiting to be passed on. See you Sunday at 10 a.m.!

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