La chemise d’inspiration militaire

The military-inspired shirt

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Through the pieces from our winter collection, we wanted to convey the idea of ​​a certain fight to be waged. For us, it will be the fight towards a more transparent, more ethical industry and in exchange with our community. There are city influences, as always, but also military, as with our flannel model with an officer collar , with details strongly inspired by army clothing.

Do you know the popover shirt? Inspired by the henley worn by the American army, it was long considered as a base layer before being worn alone and diversifying. While we love the aesthetic of this type of clothing, we wanted to maintain the practical aspect of the classic shirt. And this is the first shirt of this kind from Hast! The throat is hidden for the most part leaving only two buttons visible at the collar and upper bust. On the chest, two piped pockets are discreetly placed, subtly reminiscent of army multifunction pockets.

Flannel was not chosen by chance. This material, which is both soft and durable, also has the advantage of keeping you warm while allowing it to breathe. And not to wrinkle. Our khaki shirt is no exception. While there are different thicknesses of flannel, this one is soft and relatively thin and fits easily under a work jacket or bomber jacket. It is worn like a second skin, but is also perfect slightly open over a gray or ecru t-shirt, preferably with a round neck.

We create shirts and clothing for our times, that meet our needs.

And the style in all this? We remain true to our DNA: a shirt that is easy to wear and combine, with details that add charm. Khaki green goes wonderfully with navy blue, shades of green or brown – even ocher and mustard. Practical, comfortable and made to last: your new ally for the winter.

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