La chemise à manches courtes : l’accessoire de votre été

The short-sleeved shirt: your summer accessory

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Let's be clear: the short-sleeved shirt is one of our summer essentials. For what ? Quite simply, because far from stereotypes, it allows you to sport a casual chic look, more relaxed than with a classic shirt. Because - it seems obvious - but it is much less warm than its long-sleeved version. But also because there are so many kinds, that we are sure that there is necessarily one to your taste. A bowling pass? Some scratches ? Flax ? A chest pocket detail? This season, we're focusing on the court (without taking you by surprise).

The short-sleeved shirt: a comeback

This summer it's going to be hot. Faced with this observation, there are two reactions. The first is to jump for joy thinking of the sweet hours of summer idleness that are coming up. The second is to immediately start thinking: “Yes, but how am I going to dress? ". As the first warm weather approaches, it's always the same dilemma that comes up: how to mix lighter pieces in everyday life, without falling into the vacationer look. To adopt an airy and fluid silhouette, the short-sleeved shirt can be a solution, provided you choose it carefully.

For an elegant and natural look, like Alain Delon in Plein Soleil, we advise you to avoid overly rich prints or garish colors. Choose a relatively simple shirt, in a timeless, light or striped color and in a good quality material - which will keep you cool all day long.

A little history

The short-sleeved shirt had its moment of glory in the 1920s, when tennis players began to wear them to play with more ease. Many artists - notably painters - wear it, like Picasso or Matisse who adopted it in their workshops. With its less formal style, the short-sleeved shirt, in its open version, instantly brings a little nonchalant side to the look. From the 1980s, the bureaucratization of the professional environment and the development of open spaces were accompanied by a renewed interest in short-sleeved shirts, adopted by workers in offices to keep them cooler. Today, the short-sleeved shirt has found its place in a casual register, to be worn with jeans or shorts in summer. For more formal contexts, we advise you - without fault of taste - to prefer a long-sleeved shirt and rolled up sleeves.

What materials for your short-sleeved shirt?

Staying cool, even when the thermometer soars, is a real balancing act. Choosing a lightweight, and above all quality, material is essential if you want to avoid sweating or feeling discomfort. Most of the fabrics used for creating shirts are cotton. But weaving also offers many possibilities.

Mixing materials can also be an interesting option, allowing you to improve the texture of the fabric. This season, we offer you a striped model in a cotton and linen blend. Winning combo: cotton is reinforced with linen and linen is more structured thanks to cotton. For the casual mustard striped shirt, we also added a little ramie - a very light Japanese fabric - to the linen and cotton, to make it even easier to wear

At the height of style

In terms of looks, we like to play on contexts by wearing it both for a relaxing trip to the beach, as well as everyday, in a casual register.

Exceptionally, it is tolerated in a more formal context - for a casual wedding for example - if you have mastered the art of mixing it with strong and dressy pieces and you want a touch of originality. Our short-sleeved seersucker shirt pairs perfectly with pants in the same material. Its very elegant embossed appearance and its Cuban collar give you a chic and above all unique style. Needless to say, the groom will choose a more classic long-sleeved shirt.

In everyday life, the short-sleeved shirt can be worn tucked into chinos with a pair of sneakers on your feet, or worn open over a white cotton t-shirt, for a more casual feel. With a pair of sunglasses, it will be the trendy accessory of your summer.

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