Hast lève 0M€

Hast raises €0M

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Hast raises 0M€ to continue to offer accessible high-end products, with ambition but without pressure, except that exerted precisely by its customers!

Since the creation of the Hast brand almost 6 years ago, we have received a lot of advice on how to run our business. If certain comments proved essential for our development, others were less convincing.

Over time, we found that many of these unconvincing thoughts revolved around the same topic: fundraising. With, always, the same hasty conclusion.

“So you plan to raise money?” So how much did you raise? A lifting soon? »

“No, no and still no! »

“Oh gee, that doesn’t work for you? »

It is certain that financing your project is essential for an entrepreneur who wishes to ensure its development. And reading certain , it is sometimes even a success in itself.

Tired of hearing these constant questions, the Hast team is proud to announce that no, there is not necessarily a need to raise funds to successfully grow! Step by step, while listening to your expectations, we progress alongside you without pressure from an investor who is often more looking for profitability than customer satisfaction .

We do not criticize those who do it, on the contrary, and that does not mean that we will never do it. There are many reasons for fundraising, some cause for celebration, others less so. We simply want to remain free in our choices and maintain our spontaneity by your side. Thank you for your support !