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Hast x Breathe

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Breathe, it’s going to be okay! We want to take care of you every day, through quality products and service, without compromise, all year round. We have chosen a model that leaves no room for promotions.

We have made sure to set fair prices to give you access to quality clothing. We prefer to produce in reasonable quantities, control our costs and promote our products, made with respect for know-how and people. This is why sales have no place at Hast.

You dreamt it, we did it. Freshness in a tube to survive the summer. Because offering quality products, at a fair and fixed price all year round is good, allowing them to last as long as possible is even better (#stoptranspiration #gorespiration). Season after season, we select the best fabrics for each of our products with high standards in order to always offer you high quality clothing, on which you can count. Good basics revisited, which will follow you every day.

Offering high-quality clothing you can count on.

Value sustainability. We have always been aware of our ecological impact and one of the ways we act is to convince you to buy less, but better, with some thought when taking action. We have chosen to offer you quality clothing at honest prices, and rather than making discounts, we prefer to introduce you to new brands, new concepts that share our values ​​and our approach.

We are highlighting Respire this summer, the coolest new cosmetics brand in France (#madeinFrance) by offering you a natural, totally clean and truly effective deodorant. Without leaving a trace! Your shirts will thank you. Our work jackets and blazers perhaps too…

So take advantage of it, from 100€ of purchase*, receive a Respire deodorant with your order, on our site and in our two Parisian boutiques!

*Offer valid for any order greater than or equal to €100 on our site or in store, cannot be combined with current promotions or credits, from June 26 to August 6, 2019.

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