Faut-il une raison pour bien s'habiller?

Do you need a reason to dress well?

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No, it's not the next subject in the philosophy baccalaureate. And not to prolong the suspense any longer… in our opinion, there is no doubt that, no. No need to wait for a “big” occasion, like a wedding or an interview, to wear beautiful clothes. Those who add style every day. Those that we enjoy wearing in the morning without overdoing it. Those with discreet elegance, but who stand out.

Our new fall-winter collection is an ode to this desire to dress well, simply, out of conviction. She chooses everyday elegance, without pretension, without special occasions, with humility and honesty. Like a manifesto, it summarizes our values ​​and our commitments.

What does it mean to dress well?

“Be well dressed”, “have style”, so many expressions whose meaning and perception can vary completely from one person to another. Traditionally, elegance is associated with a classic or formal style that is somewhat strict and meets certain codes, such as wearing a shirt, a tie or a suit in defined contexts.

Yet today we wonder if these borders still make sense. For several years, we have noticed an increasing porosity between universes in the world of fashion. Sportswear meets luxury, casual mixes with formal to define a new look. More personal and contemporary.

At Hast, we believe in everyday elegance, that is to say in the art of dressing well every day. We think we can wear a blazer jacket with loafers, just for a walk, because it's beautiful and it's something we feel good in. Choose your clothes not to follow rules, but to follow your desires.

Compliant attire required

Confinement has redefined the relationship with clothing, particularly in a professional context. After almost two years at home in outfits chosen for comfort and practicality, it can be difficult to go back to old uniforms. Besides, is this really desirable?

We look at style in a more everyday and natural way. At the office, you can surely abandon the navy blue fine wool suit and choose pieces that are just as elegant, but in which you feel comfortable and cooler! Among our favorite pieces, we recommend, for example , the work jacket (this season in velvet) or a wool jacket with Neapolitan shoulders . It's about adopting an authentic, comfortable style and choosing dress codes that reflect you.


To illustrate our vision of style, we particularly like this fall look, from our latest collection. Mix of an anise green work jacket in 100% wool, brown formal pants in wool flannel, a formal cut shirt with small checks and a merino wool sweater with a khaki polo collar (coming soon !). This look illustrates a chic spirit that is both sophisticated and simple. Elegance is expressed by the quality of materials ( discover our article on this subject ), the depth of colors or the precision of finishes and no longer through a predefined style.

It is precisely this elegance, between comfort, refinement and style, that we wish to bring you every day. To go to a work interview, to have a coffee on the terrace or simply for every day: we want to offer you rooms in which you feel like yourself. All occasions are meant to dress well, you just need to decide it in the morning in front of your mirror!

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