Comment bien s'habiller pour un entretien d'embauche ?

How to dress well for a job interview?

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Choosing your outfit for a job interview is not so simple because it is a clever mix to convey the desired image: chic and professional! Certain outfits are more or less adapted to the desired position, so you have to plan in advance. So what clothes should you choose for a job interview? What are the good associations, and which ones to avoid?

Choose your outfit according to the company

Respecting your style is a crucial point when choosing clothing for a job interview: you have to be comfortable, and not sell an image completely different from that of our daily lives, while respecting the codes specific to the desired position.

To take a simple example, the suit and tie will often be favored for a management or executive position when a more creative sector will more easily accept a casual chic look. To choose the right clothing for a job interview, you must therefore be as interested in the type of job you are applying for as in the culture of the target company. It is important to study your codes in advance in order to make the right choices. In a traditional business, we will choose a sober suit with a focus on quality and “less is more”. In a startup, the suit and tie ensemble could risk denouncing the style of the employees. For example, we would prefer a work jacket over well-tailored jeans. Finding out in advance will therefore help to avoid any oddities and thus demonstrate that you belong to the place.

A nice shirt is a safe bet

Whatever style of clothing you decide to adopt, the shirt is an ideal piece for a job interview and a good starting point on which to articulate your look. For a formal interview, the white or light blue shirt option will go perfectly with all styles of suits. In a less formal context, it is possible to opt for a more casual or fancy shirt, as long as it is cut to perfection. The shirt is ideal because it goes just as well with a classic suit as it does with chinos or a jacket, depending on the style desired at the time of the interview.

A detail that makes the difference

The outfit chosen for a job interview will often make the difference. Rather than drowning in the mass of candidates in gray suits and white shirts, we will try to add a detail or accessory that is both chic and original to our look. This detail, often noticed by the recruiter, can be a real asset to stand out, whether it is a beautiful pair of shoes, or an original accessory such as jewelry or a tie for example. The important thing is to choose something that matches your look, doesn't stand out once you get there, and is also representative of your personality. A leather pouch can be useful for carrying documents, a detail that says a lot! We will therefore take care to store these papers in a document holder, itself placed in a pretty leather accessory.

Try on your outfit before the big day

Let's finish this quick overview of good practices for going to a job interview, emphasizing the importance of always taking the time to try on your outfit before the big day. And thus ensuring that the together is consistent, with no retouching necessary. It’s also an opportunity to get used to the outfit and appear more comfortable on the day of the meeting!

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