Dans les vestiaires de l'équipe !

In the team locker room!

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Even far from each other, what binds us has not changed: beautiful clothes and the desire to be closer to our customers. If we all show great sensitivity to the materials, colors and quality of a garment, the style of each member of the team remains unique.

Today, we invite you to discover our favorite pieces, those that follow us everywhere (we even find wool in summer...). Enter the locker rooms of Thomas, Maxime, Emmanuel, Samy and Christophe!

Emmanuel, logistics manager

"I'm still more casual than formal, cool, we'll say, I'm often told that I look younger than my age, it's probably thanks to that! And the fact of working for one's own "The company also allows a certain amount of freedom. So you'll often see me in a casual shirt, jeans and sneakers. With a fine wool sweater or sweater."

    • My rust cotton work jacket. For its quite original color but really easy to combine! It's perfect when I don't want to think too much about an overly complex composition.
    • My light denim shirt. I wore it so much, in all seasons!
    • My Japanese denim shirt. It's actually a prototype that we hadn't released at the time... that's the huge advantage of testing :)
    • My gray Levi's jeans. It goes with everything, and ultra comfortable.
    • My Belledonne sneakers. The last pair I treated myself to. I almost only wear sneakers, I think I was traumatized during my first jobs.

Samy, communications and marketing manager

"I would say that I have a casual chic look. Both dressy and relaxed. Serious without taking itself too seriously. At the moment, I like to combine a work jacket with a casual shirt or a t-shirt, certainly one of my favorite combos!”

      • My green wool work jacket. One of our winter bestsellers, which has quickly become an essential for me!
      • My raw denim shirt. An easy-to-wear, chic and relaxed piece
      • A pair of Jimmy Fairly glasses. Basic with a twist (while waiting for summer)
      • My grained leather card holder. I slip it everywhere, it's perfect, both discreet and practical!
      • A light, light chino. Super comfortable, I switch between my different chinos, preferably light ones by the way
      • A pair of slightly colorful Garçonne & Cherub sneakers

Maxime, customer relations manager

"I'm a complete fan of clothes, both for the style and the technical side, with original materials, or simply the cutting work. I also have some really strong pieces that have followed me for years. Afterwards, at daily, I will tend to stay relatively classic, with models that are easy to wear. When I don't wear my 3 pieces for work..."

      • My 100% merino wool sweater. Very comfortable and all-terrain, I wear it with jeans in a casual outfit or with flannel suit pants for a more formal look.
      • My Mao collar hemp shirt. A light and elegant shirt for summer!
      • My wool flannel jacket. Silky touch and comfort guaranteed! I like to wear it with a sweater or a checked shirt and jeans for a workwear look.
      • An airnet biker jacket. A fairly original piece with a very technical material, visually comparable to a “honeycomb” weave. I wear it with a white t-shirt and a pair of boots.
      • Leather Tassel Loafers. For a confident preppy look.

Thomas, production manager

"So, you should know that I am the first supporter of my brand. It is therefore not surprising that a huge part of my wardrobe is Hast. And I am responsible for production, so I might as well tell you that I always offer things that suit me. please !"

      • My formal chambray shirt. A model that we developed recently and today I wonder what we waited for. It's the perfect match between a classic style and a more casual touch.
      • My navy blue sweater. My biggest basic. To wear anytime.
      • My velvet work jacket. For its reassuring side. Velvet reminds me of the countryside and my childhood, like a little madeleine from Proust...
      • My green chinos. I wear it summer and winter, no need to think in the morning, it's perfect no matter what.
      • My formal shirts. There are always some in my locker room, even in full confinement!

Christophe, digital manager

"I have a fairly classic style, with timeless pieces. I like masculine elegance and the so-called "sartorial" style, and in this sense, my purchases are often very reasoned and studied. I see my clothes as an investment in the long term. So I take the time to carefully examine the material, to try with different outfits before treating myself to a piece. Given the context, I'm wearing more comfortable pieces at the moment, with casual shirts, in oxford or in linen and cotton."

      • My Hast linen and cotton shirt. It keeps you cool in the summer but actually wears very well all year round under a sweater. I chose it sky blue, to wear it with everything.
      • My blue cotton work jacket. It immediately enhances an outfit and brings a cool but elegant side.
      • My Naked and Famous jeans. I actually have several. The canvas is sublime and patinates particularly well over time. I should nevertheless point out that the models I am currently wearing have already been much softened by at least 1 year of wear. Otherwise, I advise against it for the moment!
      • My Crockett and Jones brogues. I am a fan of this brand which makes magnificent shoes. These brown brogues go very well with chinos or nice raw jeans.

So, your style is rather close to that of Emmanuel, Samy, Maxime, Thomas or Christophe? Share your looks with us on Instragram @hastparis :)

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