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How to iron a shirt?

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Impeccable ironing in less than 5 minutes? It may seem like a tedious task, but with the right steps and tips, you can quickly achieve flawless results. Here's our detailed guide to help you iron your shirt easily. Following this guide, you will find a video developed in partnership with Carbone 14 to provide you with a more visual representation of the ironing process for a shirt.


  • Carefully examine the composition label of your shirt to determine the appropriate ironing setting.

  • Turn on the iron to the recommended setting and stabilize the ironing board.

  • Use a sprayer to lightly dampen the shirt, making it easier to remove wrinkles.

Ironing the Back:

Start by ironing the back of the shirt. Place the inner part on the ironing board, apply steam while ironing the outside, and repeat as needed.

Ironing the Sides:

Next, move on to the sides of the shirt while keeping it open. Iron between each button for optimal results. Close all buttons once the body is ironed.

Ironing the Sleeves:

Lay each sleeve flat on the ironing board. Make sure to iron from both sides to avoid retaining creases underneath. Repeat this step for the other sleeve.

For added shoulder hold, we recommend paying special attention to the top of the sleeve under the collar.

Ironing the Collar:

Lay the collar flat on the ironing board, iron it while keeping it taut. Don't forget the inside of the collar.

Ironing the Cuffs:

Open the cuffs and iron from both sides for a neat finish. Follow these steps methodically to achieve optimal ironing results and maintain the quality of your shirt.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure the shirt is clean before ironing to avoid setting stains.

  • If you are new to ironing, start by ironing cotton shirts, as they are easier to handle.

  • Never let the iron come into direct contact with the fabric without movement; this could cause burning.

  • If you have stubborn wrinkles, do not hesitate to use more steam or increase the iron temperature.

  • Avoid ironing over already ironed areas to prevent wrinkling the fabric.

  • For linen shirts, feel free to use a high temperature and focus on steam.

Our explanatory video in collaboration with Carbone 14:

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