Comment raccourcir les manches d'une chemise ?

How to shorten the sleeves of a shirt?

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It's like this: some men have no trouble finding clothes that fit them like a glove. For others, it's a completely different story. However, there is no question of giving up! For a shirt for example, it is possible to retouch many parts: bend, modify the neckline, or shorten a sleeve... The frustration of not corresponding to the standards of the time can, ultimately, represent a great opportunity to learn more about and maintain our wardrobe, by taking up sewing.
Shortening the sleeves of a shirt is a relatively simple operation that can be a good exercise to get started. And if you're not into crafting, take the time to browse our size guide before purchasing a shirt from Hast.
What's more frustrating than a well-cut garment that doesn't fit your body?

While shortening the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt does not represent an insurmountable challenge for a beginner seamstress, it still requires a minimum of technique and patience. For what ? Because unlike short sleeves, long sleeves do not have the same circumference everywhere. They are in fact tightened at the wrist to prevent the sleeve from sliding down the arm. But this is the only difficulty to overcome.

1. Start by unstitching the cuff with a seam ripper. If the sleeve has a tab, it will also be necessary to undo the seam. Proceed one round at a time, to keep a pattern in case of doubt. Before taking measurements, do not hesitate to iron all the pieces, to be as precise as possible.

2. To be sure of the result, it is better to try the piece on before shortening the sleeves of the shirt. Pin the cuff in the desired location, then put the shirt on and bend the arm slightly to leave a little room. Trace the location with a pencil.

3. Carefully cut out the sleeve, and, if necessary, extend the length of the slit using the tab as a template. Leave a little more than a centimeter of margin for the seam allowance.

4. You are almost finished shortening the shirt sleeve. Now it's time to sew the whole thing back together, starting with the tab. Take a good example from the other sleeve to sew the different pieces in the right place.

5. Now it’s time to reattach the cuff onto the sleeve. It is then a matter of putting the end of the sleeve between the sides of the cuff, and sewing the whole thing. Don't forget, before finishing the topstitching, to reform the two comfort folds of the sleeve, using the original folds as a help.

And there you have it, you now have an (almost) tailor-made shirt.

Choosing the right size for your shirt

If you want to avoid getting out the sewing machine, it can be useful to learn more about your size in order to order a perfectly fitted model directly.

Of course, you may still need to shorten your shirt sleeves, but at least you'll be safe from a nasty surprise.

To take as little risk as possible regarding the size, opt for the classic cut.

Taking measurements from a garment

If there are clothes in your wardrobe that fit you like a glove, you can use them as a reference, and it's slightly easier than taking your own measurements. Lay your garment flat on a table and proceed as follows:

  • Chest circumference is measured using the length from armpit to armpit.
  • The length of the sleeve, from the shoulder seam to the wrist.
  • The total length starts from the beginning of the armhole to the end of the shirt.

Take measurements on yourself

This method requires a little more dexterity, and, for ease, a mirror. The ideal remains to ask someone!

  • The chest measurement is taken with a tape measure passed around the torso, passing through the nipples. It corresponds to double the length from armpit to armpit.
  • The sleeve length starts from the shoulder and ends at the wrist. A point to remember if you want to avoid having to shorten your shirt sleeves.
  • The neck circumference is also measured by rolling up the tape measure. It is then a matter of going below the Adam's apple, then adding a centimeter to the result.
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