Comment être élégant à la plage ?

How to be elegant at the beach?

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Going to the beach in style means choosing the right items to be both comfortable and elegant. Some purchases are then necessary. Swimsuit, shoes or even accessories, what clothing to choose for your afternoons by the water? Answers!

The swimsuit

The swimsuit is obviously an essential piece of beach attire for men. With us, a preference for swim shorts does double duty throughout the day: they can be worn in the water but also as Bermuda shorts to wander between the seaside points of interest. Wide enough to be comfortable, it can also be very chic, hence the importance of the right choice of model. In particular, we can dare to use color and patterns which will be easier to wear in a summer and vacation context.

Besides swim shorts, there are other alternatives. This is particularly the case for boardshorts, a piece of beach clothing for men that is longer than swim shorts and very popular with surfers. Swim boxers or swim briefs, which are closer to the body, can be worn under classic shorts to go to the beach.

Whatever swimsuit or shorts you choose, you will wear it with a short-sleeved t-shirt or a shirt.

The shoes

Shoes are, for a man, a very important point of beach outfit. We prefer a pair that is open and easy to put on and take off to walk in the sand with ease. While flip-flops are certainly the most practical shoes at the beach, they clearly lack chic. We will therefore favor good quality sandals. If one is not comfortable with the idea of ​​showing their toes on the way to the beach, a nice pair of espadrilles is a good alternative. The choice of shoes will therefore complete the men's beach outfit, between practicality and elegance.

Accessories: sunglasses, bag, hat

A men's beach outfit worthy of the name must be completed with different accessories. First of all, sunglasses, essential. Some will prefer a more classic model, easy to match with any outfit. Others will prefer more original models bringing a touch of eccentricity to the look. However, always opt for a good quality model, to ensure good protection, and because a well-chosen pair of sunglasses can be the detail that makes the difference.

Style and protection are also found in choosing a good hat. Depending on the accessory chosen, the look will be very different. The cap and the bucket hat are solutions to consider for a more casual style, while actual hats like the straw hat or the panama will bring a note of sophistication. The look of your men's beach outfit will therefore also depend on the headgear chosen.

Finally comes the final choice of bag, very practical for storing towels, books, water bottles, smartphones, wallets or other sun creams. The shopping bag is a safe bet, because it is large enough to store children's belongings. You can choose it in cotton or linen. A simple cut and sober colors will ensure you can easily wear it with all kinds of outfits!

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