La chemise denim, "l’authentique" - 03

The denim shirt, "the authentic" - 03

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Here is yet another living legend of men's wardrobe whose history has been forged over the decades. To explore the origins of the Western shirt, we probably have to go back to the beginning of the 19th century , the period when North Americans began to appropriate the Western territories. The meeting of conquering and indigenous populations, favored by the desire of the former to join the Pacific, is often bloody and unhappy. At the margins, the cultural mix and the cosmopolitan character of the outposts allow the emergence of hybrid know-how. It is in this context, it seems, that the western shirt saw the light of day in the second half of the 19th century. Daughter of the traditional vaqueros (Mexican cowherd shirts, generally in light cotton or silk) and the blue serge uniforms worn by Confederate soldiers, it would thus have undergone a crossbreeding to adapt to the needs of the cowboys established on the lands newly conquered. Mexican shirts, they will keep the legendary design; to which they will associate the robustness necessary for any work clothing worthy of the name.

Denim , introduced to the USA by a certain Levi Strauss who came to take advantage of the fallout from the gold rush, will allow this fusion of style and solidity . From the end of the century, the western shirt had the recipe for its success: a thick and comfortable cotton canvas adapted to the requirements of workers, a straight and long cut to fit in the saddleback pants, pressures to prevent the sewn buttons that do not come off during manual work and chest pockets designed to hold tools. Utility, infallible, inexpensive , the western becomes authentic work clothing without departing from the Mexican influences inherited from vaquero shirts.

Everything you need to know about making it?

Like jeans , former work pants designed for North American miners, the western shirt has gradually emancipated itself from the ranches to take over the cities. Cinema stars and, later, those of music, are no strangers to this “urbanization” . Available in a large number of materials to satisfy urbanites, this cult piece has lost its splendor, losing most of its distinctive signs along the way, until it became a simple denim shirt. For our tenth anniversary, we were keen to offer you ten ultra-premium limited edition pieces ; and that's why we were keen to do justice to the western shirt. If you know the link between Hast and the shirt, you know how important it was to us to restore the image of this legendary piece .

More than a piece of clothing, it is an element of world heritage that is at stake; and a piece of history that we wanted to resurrect.

On this occasion, we were able to count on the expertise of an Italian weaver to reissue an iconic canvas used by a famous American brand in the 1960s. Made from organic cotton , this soft blue denim fabric exudes authenticity. and displays a quality unlike any canvas on the market. Associated with this prestigious serge whose touch will delight fans, we have taken care of all the details to revive the soul of the western shirt: snap buttons, American throat, generous French collar, chest pockets with pointed flaps, shoulder yokes, fairly straight cut and rather long.
While respecting its identity, our denim shirt combines a two-century-old history with the present using almost unobtainable materials, high-end finishes and authentic details .

A versatile piece to wear in all circumstances

This is a major characteristic of legendary pieces: they exert an unalterable power of fascination across time and space . From the shoulders of cowboys to yours, including those of James Dean or Elvis Presley , the western draws its captivating charm from a composite story and a design that is impervious to change .
Daughter of a ceremonial piece and military clothing, raised the hard way in a violent and hopeful wild west, worn in triumph from the seventh to the fourth art, the DNA of the western shirt is rich , multiple , gorgeous . Does it draw its versatility from this complex heritage? Without a doubt, and that's why you can put it on in all circumstances .
To dynamite the formality of a suit, to bring texture to an outfit considered too bland, to play the card of the total denim look or that of the military register with chinos and a blazer, she will know how to do what is necessary. Basically, the hardest part will be grabbing one of the 100 copies that we are offering you in a limited edition.

How to maintain the denim shirt ?

Back in the day, it seems to us that cowherd boys didn't embrace washing their shirts every four mornings. Please give yours a spring cleaning, we advise you to put it in the washing machine at 30°C (spin 600 rpm maximum) and dry it on a wooden hanger in a well-kept area. ventilated. If you can avoid direct sunlight while doing this, you will save yourself from possible discoloration in the long run. As for ironing, you can give it an iron at medium temperature if you feel like it, preferably by placing a piece of fabric between the sole and the denim.

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