Collection: A checked shirt

Do you want to go further in your style search? Focus on the patterns! Nothing like our checked shirts to make an elegant statement.

At Hast, we have opted for sustainable fashion, combining simplicity and elegance. If our plain shirts constitute the purest side, we also offer models with varied patterns to add more relief to your outfit. All our plain shirts can be discovered here. Our checked shirt, made in Europe in our cutting-edge workshops, brings color and dynamism to your style, while respecting the ethical commitments that have made Hast a key player in men's fashion. Discover here our range of checked shirts for men, as well as our advice on how to best combine this emblematic piece of the men's wardrobe. The tile in all its forms Rather than relying on the complexity of the patterns or the abundance of colors, Hast favors variations in color, material and fabric. The checked shirt, in poplin, twill or oxford, can be found in a selected number of variations for an infinite number of combinations. The different tiles • Sizes: the size of the tiles makes it possible to accentuate, or on the contrary to attenuate, the contrast. We can thus play on transparency with fine checks or a faux-plain shirt, or on the contrary bring out the color with classic checks or with large checks. • The type: Difficult to approach the subject of the checked shirt without mentioning the gingham pattern. Very simple in appearance, this iconic look, immortalized by Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s, is in reality the result of a subtle interweaving of weft and warp threads. This overlap allows you to obtain white, colored or half-tone tiles bringing relief and contrast to an outfit. A unisex and versatile pattern, it is often found in men's checked shirts, alongside the more discreet fine check, consisting simply of drawing checks using perpendicular edging. • Color: At Hast, we have deliberately chosen to keep only the essentials of the color palette. Our checked shirt is therefore available in shades of blue (from light to dark) and red (with shades like purple or purple). But we also reserve the possibility of offering more atypical shades for a more casual style, such as our green Oxford men's checked shirt, with white checks and red piping, a nod to the traditional "lumberjack" shirt. » in flannel. Wear the plaid shirt Our men's checked shirt is available in several cuts, which may vary depending on the context or body type. The classic cut suits all faces and can be worn with a formal outfit as well as with an everyday outfit. The relaxed cut, often available with a buttoned collar, is the slightly looser variation. Conversely, the fitted cut, rather recommended for thinner body types, is often perceived as more modern and is perfectly suited to a more chic style. Worked with precision, all our cuts combine comfort and refinement. Good to know: the fitted shirt was previously called an extra-fitted shirt — but it's still the same cut. On the collar side, our checked shirt comes for example with a French collar, timeless and versatile, or a semi-cutaway, of shorter lengths, our trademark at Hast, which highlights all face shapes . And if the men's checked shirt goes very easily with clothing like a work jacket, it also works wonders with chinos or a suit, gray or navy blue, in flannel. Find our ideas for combinations and accessories at the bottom of our product pages.