La surchemise : une pièce pour une multitude de looks

The overshirt : a garment for a multitude of looks.

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Whether it's summer or winter, the overshirt is a must-have piece in your wardrobe if you want to embrace a practical and versatile style, a clever blend of casual and chic. Neither quite a jacket nor entirely a shirt, it's a garment to wear layered under a coat or buttoned over a t-shirt or sweater. If you haven't embraced it yet, now is the time to get better acquainted with it. A flagship piece of our latest collection, we unveil all its secrets and explain how to wear it well.

The Overshirt: Definition

The overshirt is characterized by a straight or relaxed fit, typically a French collar, side pockets, and a button count similar to that of a shirt. In terms of material, you can find overshirts in varying thickness, crafted from cotton, corduroy, or wool to adapt to the season. It's precisely this versatile quality that makes the overshirt ideal for the transitional seasons and suitable for year-round wear.

Origins of the Overshirt

Like many men's garments, the overshirt emerged to meet a practical need in a military context. It is said to be a variation of the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) shirts worn by US soldiers from the 80s. The BDU shirt was appreciated for its adaptable qualities, suitable for wearing open or buttoned, in fabrics ranging from light to warm depending on the season. Another hypothesis places its origins around the 1930s in the US Navy. It later became popular in everyday wear, evolving into the essential piece we know today.

Choosing the Right Overshirt

The overshirt is a versatile piece that can be worn "in & out," either as a shirt at the office or as a jacket on weekends or Sunday strolls. To substitute for a jacket, it needs to be warm and durable. Therefore, one of the most important criteria when choosing is to pay special attention to its material and finishes. For a quality piece, it's preferable to opt for natural fibers, comfortable and robust. Natural materials are soft, breathable, thermoregulating, and have a smooth touch, making them pleasant to wear. Always check the label and prefer premium fabrics for a durable piece. You can choose a merino wool overshirt in winter or a cotton flannel one in summer.

With this particular attention to detail, we've designed our collection, offering pieces that combine eco-responsibility and premium quality. This winter, discover our kaki green model in 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified, or our checked overshirt, made exclusively from recycled materials, GRS certified. For winter, we've also introduced two models in 100% merino wool, mustard and sea green (coming soon). Merino wool is an insulating material, warm yet lightweight, with a very soft touch.

How to Wear the Overshirt

Several options are available to you for wearing the overshirt well. The first option, in winter or in the transitional seasons, is to choose a thick overshirt to replace a jacket or coat. You can opt for a solid corduroy or checked model to elevate a somewhat classic look, paired with a chunky knit sweater or a turtleneck. The second option is to wear the overshirt like a classic shirt. This type of overshirt can be worn buttoned or open over a t-shirt or a lightweight flannel shirt, in a layering spirit.

For the material, choose a lightweight or thermoregulating fabric, such as cotton or merino wool, to avoid overheating, especially if you're layering. With a carefully crafted and relaxed fit, our overshirts for the autumn-winter season have been designed to ensure a perfect drape (avoiding the overly oversized look) and, most importantly, great everyday comfort. In bright shades between rust and sea green, they are easy to pair with your seasonal basics, like raw denim jeans or chinos. A contemporary look that will keep you warm.

An Hast Overshirt... 2 Everyday Looks

As you can understand, what we particularly love about the overshirt is its hybrid nature, allowing for a wide variety of looks. Our checked overshirt, made from recycled wool, can be worn both "in & out," depending on the outfit combinations. According to your moods and desires, you can wear it in an outdoor chic style over a round-neck knit sweater, with a beanie and a scarf. Play with colors, combining timeless shades with vibrant hues like kaki or rust. Equally elegant, you can wear the checked overshirt under another staple from our collections, the velvet work jacket. Below, opt for light-colored pants in ecru and derbies for a perfect mix of casual and formal style.

In line with the collection's spirit, which celebrates beautiful garments and everyday elegance, the overshirt is a very practical piece, easy to wear without ever sacrificing your elegance.

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