Collection Printemps-Été 2023

Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

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Love of clothes, and much more.

Since the beginning, we have symmetrically cultivated a taste for elegance and a certain idea of ​​Beauty. Incorporated into each piece, this double ambition reflects a desire specific to the Hast man: that of carrying values ​​to better embody them. And reciprocally.

With the spring-summer 2023 collection , we invite you to embark with us on a journey to the center of this aspiration. An aesthetic journey between dream and reality, to meet our creations and the ideas they convey. An itinerary in four stages during which we will celebrate spring at the Book Bar of the Grand Amour hotel, pay tribute to the artists of Montmartre , see life in green at the Green Club and move on to Summer Time to enjoy of its light, its perfume and its attractions. A cruise with honesty as a guide, accuracy as a compass and beauty as a horizon. Ready? Let's go !

A full sun collection and four summer stops

Concentrated on know-how and inspiration, we have imagined our spring-summer collection as a quadriptych to transport you to the heart of a Riviera atmosphere freely interpreted by us. With a first Parisian stopover at the Book Bar of the Grand Amour hotel , the scene is set between elegance , romance and confidentiality . The perfect place to introduce casual chic pieces halfway between ease and presence. You will read between these lines the idea we have of style; natural materials, soft colors and revisited cuts to support.

When exploring the second chapter of our spring-summer collection, you will discover a vibrant tribute to Montmartre artists through a rich panel of jackets, pants, shirts, t-shirts and ties. Virtuoso creations with aerial cuts subtly evoking the bohemian spirit of La Butte . It is here, in the heart of the capital of art, that we immortalized the second act of our play. A carefree aesthetic that those under twenty cannot experience, presented through a euphoric palette, luminous materials and a very spring-like softness .

All the lights are green for the third stop of our odyssey near the Green Club . A color, certainly, but also and above all a state of mind. In addition to stretching their shades from olive to emerald via ecru, sage and forest, its members naturally express the importance given to ethics on the Hast side. An awareness that is felt and felt when discovering a wardrobe where organic cotton, linen, hemp, tencel or even 100% recycled seaqual polyester compete in integrity.

Joining the Green Club means adhering to these principles of responsibility (and claiming it by adopting embroidered pieces stamped with the seal of honesty).

Finally, we head towards summer with the fourth and final sequence of our epic. Juilletists, Augustians or Indian summer enthusiasts, we have brought together the ideal partners for all your summer journeys. Loose and airy cuts, natural and thermo-regulating materials, intense colors modeled on Provence: we have thought of you to face the heat with mastery and elegance . Cotton-linen pleated shorts , chambray popover , short-sleeved Cuban collar shirt, Supima cotton polo shirt and other swimwear will be there to make the summer season your favorite vacation spot.

Bold simplicity

Throughout this route, which looks like a holiday highway, you will find familiar clothes and surprising new items at the same time. If you know our taste for interpreting timeless classics, you will quickly see that the collection presented constitutes a Grand Cru Classé. By listening (and opening your eyes), you will indeed perceive a few notes of extravaganza in the middle of the ode to simplicity that we have been lovingly playing since 2012 . True to our guiding principles, we are not offering you eccentricities, but rather a bold conception of the great spring and summer icons. In addition to the sacred monsters of the classic men's wardrobe, you will find twisted basics intended to bring a hint of the unexpected to your outfits in the coming weeks. A shirt ? Yes, but a little straighter than usual to promote ease and breathability. Trousers ? Certainly, but with one or two clips to combine delicacy and lightness. A jacket ? Of course, but unstructured to achieve Italian sprezzatura , another name for controlled nonchalance. A costume ? Obviously, but in a linen version barely heavier than nothing. A t-shirt, a cap , a sweatshirt ? Flawless, but marked with “Honest everyday” embroidery which announces the color. Between classicism and singularity, this is roughly the wildlife that you will encounter during your dive into the heart of our spring-summer collection.

A love of color palette

Divided into four chapters , our seasonal adventure is adorned with maritime finery which in turn evokes the blues of the coast, the natural tones of the Mediterranean rim and the greens of the hinterland. By immersing yourself in our collection, the dominants of each stopover will appear to you as so many chromatic shores to discover:

  • In the looks presented at the Book Bar , you will first see life in blue. From indigo to sky, heather and other nautical stripes, your eyes will sail over a sea of ​​shades (and over an ocean of nautical inspirations which will meet your style).

  • For its part, the homage to Montmartre artists gives pride of place to natural tones. With a muted and downturned palette, this chapter full of colors and contrasts has been designed to bring light and cheerfulness to your spring-summer outfits. Khaki, rust, sage, ocher, coral, beige, terracotta: so many calm and original colors that will allow you to effortlessly illuminate any composition. Here, we have favored a technique called “Garment dye” which consists of dyeing the garment once it is made. This choice gives a “delicately faded” appearance to the garment, both original and deep.

  • Third part, our Green Club presents - as its name suggests - pieces that share the same love of green. With nature as muse, they all embody the idea that we have of responsibility at Hast, and each one uses their own color to say it in their own way. Elegantly, of course.

  • Finally, the transition to summer time is adorned with warm colors and revisited classic patterns. Between navy, olive, yellow, ecru and stripes, you will find the radiance of a beautiful summer day; from pale dawn to golden dusk passing through the burning whiteness of the zenith. It's a shame but that's how it is: you risk creating a little shade from the sun.

Natural and responsible materials

You know the house, it is a 100% responsible collection that we offer you. With the exception of swimsuits made from Seaqual® (recycled polyester sourced from ocean waste), all the pieces you will find there are entirely made from natural materials . Alongside the organic cotton you are used to at Hast, you will find a wide range of natural materials such as linen, tencel, wool and even pineapple fiber (yes, you read correctly). Enhanced by the spinning, weaving and/or knitting work carried out by our European partners, these natural materials are available in beautifully textured fabrics, ideal in all registers. From the most sober weaves to the most consistent fabrics, poplin, jersey, muslin, oxford, fresco, chambray, denim, herringbone and other seersuckers will be happy to bring grain and an irresistible hand to all your compositions.

A solar and conscious collection

Since 2012 , Hast has freely interpreted the classics of men's wardrobe by cultivating the art of combining know-how, passion, commitment and accessibility. With this spring-summer 2023 collection , we reaffirm this ambition for excellence and invite you to tame iconic pieces thought, designed and distributed with relaxed elegance as a common thread. Conscious , luminous , creative and timeless , together they pay homage to the romantic era, the bohemian spirit and the charms of a French summer.

Once these presentations are made, we will let you discover it for yourselves.