Chemise blanche : comment la porter en hiver ?

White shirt: how to wear it in winter?

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The white shirt is to a man's wardrobe what the little black dress is to women. A true Swiss army knife of style, timeless, crossing the ages without ever aging, it is the essential piece to have in your wardrobe. Symbolizing elegance but also a cool and “effortless” side, it adapts to all styles, as long as you choose it carefully and mix it with the right trendy pieces of the season.

This winter, there's no question of leaving your white shirt in the closet. In cotton poplin or flannel, with a large collar or the signature semi-cutaway collar, with a classic, fitted or relaxed cut: the white shirt is endlessly available to match all your desires.

For a cool dandy or casual chic look, Hast accompanies you throughout your day to guide you in your quest for THE ideal shirt. One piece for several looks: this year style rhymes with simplicity.

For Monday morning

Who said that Monday morning necessarily rhymes with gray and gloom? For work, rely on the combination of strong pieces to subtly distinguish yourself.

For the shirt, opt for a timeless white model, with a classic cut but always studied finishes. Made from 100% cotton Oxford, it comes with a large buttoned collar or a semi-cutaway collar , for a touch of controlled originality.

Unsurprisingly, for the bottom, we recommend wool flannel pants , to choose from in a deep navy blue and leather boots or moccasins, true classics of the men's wardrobe. For those who are more chilly, add a fine, soft knit above the shirt, leaving the shirt collar discreetly visible.

A collar hang, the charm of a button, the quality of a material, as a true professional, you will leave nothing to chance.

For the opening of a gallery

In the evening, the white shirt is also the perfect piece to show off a deceptively demure look, to be combined with accessories that hit the mark. Play the efficiency card with the shirt, denim and lace-up ankle boots combo. For those who have an eye for detail, the white dobby shirt offers an original alternative to pieces made in more classic fabrics.

For a cool arty look, complete your outfit with a velvet work jacket and colorful or patterned pieces, like a red or green heather beanie or a geometric print scarf. Enough to blend in perfectly among the works of art.

For the Sunday stroll

Whether in a bucolic atmosphere in the countryside or simply to walk the urban sidewalks, adopt a relaxed look on Sunday, without compromising on elegance. Ideal offensive against falling temperatures, superimpose layers using the layering technique. Compose your outfit from several layers: a layer close to the skin, a layer for warmth and a waterproof layer.

The white poplin shirt is a light and delicate piece on which you can easily layer other pieces. Made from double-twisted cotton, it gives you a chic, versatile style that is not reserved for wearing a suit! Pairing it with a work jacket or a hat will make everyone forget that you also wear it for professional meetings! All you have to do is put on some beautiful velvet chinos, a leather belt and your favorite pair of boots.

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