Collection: Pink shirts

Are white and blue shirts everywhere? Choose pink to stand out from the crowd and create a unique style! Combined with classic colors like navy blue or charcoal gray, our shirts ensure an elegant and bold outfit, without going overboard.

As our body sometimes needs sunshine, our mood sometimes dreams of colors. Unfortunately, the men's wardrobe is often, tradition or habit, very dull. Grey, navy blue, brown, these are what we usually find in abundance on our racks. Not that neutral tones are inherently dull or sad, on the contrary; they highlight our complexion and our accessories, and provide us with the comfort of easy and effective combinations. But we must admit that stronger colors can sometimes give a wardrobe that little extra, that slight extra soul and originality which will put you in a light and conquering mood when you get out of bed or the shower. Why, among all these atypical shades, these secondary colors, these spring shades, opt for a pink men's shirt? This is what we are going to discover soon.

Pink, a neglected color

We're not going to lie, pink does not occupy, by far, the place it should in the men's clothing repertoire. Survival of old outdated clichés, lack of availability in stores, simple ignorance, the reasons are undoubtedly numerous... However, the pink shirt is a piece, which, by its proximity to white, turns out to be quite easy to match, capable of effectively enhance the colors of an outfit and flatters many skin tones. After a resounding success in the 80s, the pink men's shirt nevertheless almost disappeared from racks and suits, returning to the forefront more recently, through the back door of casual and casual chic. Which has not prevented it from continuing to hold the upper hand in certain contexts, notably among the British, who consider it, with light blue, as a basic or even across the Atlantic on the Ivy campuses. League, without forgetting our Italian neighbors, always more inclined towards more original outfits. Today, there are many ways to wear the pink shirt, often based on two main themes.

Wear the pink shirt today

Today we can therefore distinguish two main uses of the pink men's shirt, which Hast wanted to reproduce in his collections.

The pink suit shirt

Most of our classic shirts are suitable for wearing as a suit. It should be noted that pink goes particularly well with a light gray and anthracite suit, which can be completed with a green tie or in shades reminiscent of our famous pink. The pale pink shirt, which we offer with its semi-cutaway or French collar, will be recommended for novices in color combinations, due to its proximity to white. But a more pronounced pink or accompanied by stripes will be more original and atypical.

The casual chic or casual pink shirt

In its more casual manifestation, the pink men's shirt will more readily evoke summer. It can also lean towards burgundy, in a short, buttoned oxford version, or towards a more delicate pink thanks to fine stripes or light red checks.