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Made by one of the last traditional master glove makers in Naples, our gloves were designed in 25 handmade steps. Each skin is carefully selected by experts. Our gloves are lined with wool, whose thermo-regulatory properties make it the flagship material of winter.

Our gloves
Face the first frosts with elegance by getting a pair of Hast gloves. In full-grain dipped lambskin, these accessories were handcrafted by a master Neapolitan glove maker. Lined with wool, they will keep your hands warm in all circumstances. Men's leather gloves: comfort combined with elegance Men's gloves are one of the essential accessories to complete your outfit while protecting you from the cold, just like a scarf. At Hast, we offer you elegant and easy models to match with your everyday outfits. Constantly on the lookout for the best fabrics, those capable of pleasing and lasting, we headed to Italy. The upper is made of full-grain dipped lambskin. For the interior lining, we chose wool from Florence. This material with thermoregulatory properties keeps your hands warm at a constant temperature. These men's gloves rival each other in elegance, while offering you undeniable comfort. Warm, flexible and light at the same time, they offer you great ease of movement. Handcrafted gloves Anxious to offer you quality accessories, we have entrusted the making of our men's gloves to one of the last traditional master glove makers in Naples. Each pair of gloves is entirely handmade. Each skin is carefully selected by experts. It is then delicately tanned, using artisanal know-how. Tanning leather is a long process, but one that is necessary to give it its beautiful appearance and characteristics. Our master Neapolitan glove maker uses a particular tanning process thanks to which the flower remains intact. The leather retains its beautiful suppleness and retains a certain elasticity. It is then finely worked until it obtains its beautiful final appearance. Everything has been thought of to make these gloves elegant and durable. Leather carabiners are placed between each finger to prevent tearing. The top of each glove is decorated with topstitched ribs in tone-on-tone thread. In total, 25 steps are necessary to make a pair of gloves. Comfort and elegance are at this price! Buying a pair of Hast men's gloves is the assurance of owning a unique, durable and quality accessory. How to choose and wear men's gloves? Gloves are not only intended to protect you from the cold. Trendy fashion accessories, they add a touch of elegance to your city outfit. Our gloves come in timeless colors like black and brown. Black leather gloves give a chic effect to a city ensemble, straight pants and a formal shirt , under a suit jacket. Brown leather gloves will be perfect for putting together a casual chic outfit, with chinos and a flannel shirt under a very warm winter jacket. For an impeccable look, opt for shoes and a belt in the same color as your gloves.